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TLAA Membership Dues




The Association serves its members by providing a collegial, informal network of professionals who can rely upon each other as resources. It also offers members invitations, at discounted rates or free, to:

  • CLE programs
  • Networking events
  • A free Admission Ceremony and Reception with state court judges for new members of the PA Bar
  • A free Meet the Judges event and CLE with federal court judges
  • Exclusive, Members Only Events
  • A free Basketball Game and Luncheon
  • Additional regional alumni breakfasts, lunches, dinners and receptions

Dues are charged on an annual basis and are calculated by fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) or calendar year (January 1-December 31) depending on date of membership payment.  Current law students and those who have graduated within the past year receive a complimentary membership.

The membership fee for the Classes of 2013 and 2014 is $20.00  All other graduation years, the membership fee is $45.00.  2015 graduates are complimentary members! 

To submit dues payment by check, make payable to 'Temple Law Alumni Association' and mail to: Temple Law Alumni Association, 1719 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122


Lawrence Felzer `94                            President
Hon. Sandra Mazer Moss `75               President-Elect
Dorothy Arimond                                 1st Vice-President
Vanessa McGrath `11                          2nd Vice-President
Marc Stolee `01                                  Treasurer
Michael Hayes `98                              Secretary
Mairi Luce `96                                    Assistant Secretary

 Linda Alle-Murphy `03  Nadeem Bezar `91
 Kevin Brett `15 Donna Bullock `03
 Hon. Ann Butchart `93 Theresa Carpenter `04
 Virginia Chentis-Stevens `08 Joel Clymer `13
 Amanda  Davidson `94 Lori Garber `88
 Hilary Hannan `14 David  Herman `14
 Hon. Glynnis Hill `84 Laura Hutchinson `16
 Marina Kats `88 Sophia Lee `00, `04
 Cara  Levy Braslow `98 Diana Lin `11
 Brenda Marrero `01 Ken Massey `04
 Jeremy Menkowitz `06 Amber Racine `08
 Shelley Reinhart `16 Hon. Annette Rizzo `83
 Joe  Ross `13 Joshua Scarpello `98
 Caren Schiffman `04 Carole Sheffield `96
 Shelly Solomon `08 Stephen D. Stewart `13
 Alison Stohr `13 Marc  Stolee `01
 Hon. Sheila Woods-Skipper `83 

  A. Alan Benjamini `89
 Meyer Bushman `56
 Hon. Ida Chen `76 
 Thomas Paradise `88
 Robert Rovner `68 
 Gerald Spivack `62, `94

Michael E. Adler '98
Sheryl L. Axelrod '93
Meyer A. Bushman '56
Reuben E. Cohen '28*
Richard A. Gallagher '54*
Samuel Lander '31*
Benjamin F. Levy `66*
Arline Jolles Lotman '77
Thomas D. Paradise '88
Jeffrey Scarpello '88
Kenneth Spivack '93
Jeffrey A. Weiner '66
Joseph H. Weiss '66*

 Mary Rogers Auchincloss`74
A. Alan Benjamini '89
Teresa N. Cavenagh '85
Hon. Ethan Allen Doty '31*
Charles M. Golden Esq. '61
Benjamin B. Levin '43*
Robert J. Lindsay '33*
George E. Moore '76*
Fred L. Rosenbloom '32*
Gerald W. Spivack '62, '94
Murray H. Shusterman '36
Stewart M. Weintraub '71
Thomas F. Wilson '53

For questions about Membership Dues, contact:
Carmen Jones Greenwood
Assoc. Director of Development & Alumni Affairs